Thursday, May 12, 2016

Navasota Week 19

Mommy! Te amo!

The flooding wasn't too bad out here in Navasota. We just had a lot of rain, but not flooding like Houston. I saw the pictures you sent, and it looked really cool. I loved the reflection pool like look of the temple. I'm getting sent away from Navasota. I don't know where I'm headed, I should have fun wherever I go. I'll miss the branch, but I'm
kinda pumped to leave and see what else I have in store for me. 

Hey so last Monday I had an awesome p-day. We went out to this one little town (smaller than Navasota) called Snook and hung out with a bunch of missionaries. It was a blast, we had barbecue, s'mores, sausage, we tried going fishing (no fish) and we went on a little hike. We saw an oil pad that a member owns on that hike so that was pretty cool. That night we ate with the Howell family. I love brother Howell, he is a funny old guy. Was also visited with a less active member, shared a little bit from the Book of Mormon with him, and then we exchanged with the Brazos elders, I went up to Ryan/College Station with elder Guzman. Tuesday I was up there, and had a pretty good time there. We did service with this one Baptist church. Other missionaries were there so that was fun. That's a theme I've learned more and more as I've been a missionary. The more missionaries there are, the more fun I have. The rest of the day we just went and visited some of their people. We changed back at the end of the night, and I stayed in Navasota the rest of the week. 

Wednesday was a normal day in Navasota. We tried visiting people, but no estaban, so we went knocking. We also did the bingo deal with the old folks. We saw one of our investigators, Pablo and Lupe. Pablo got hit in the face by a pipe at his job, so he wasn't feeling too well. After them, we were going to teach English class, but no one showed up, so we helped out with a mission prep class for the young men. It was fun, we got to share some of our experiences from the mission. Thursday was a normal Thursday. We planned for the week to come, and then we went out and started working. We didn't get to play soccer though 😢. We did go knocking in a neighborhood we recently learned about. It was actually a cool experience how we learned about that neighborhood. On Monday we didn't know where to go to knock, so we prayed to find an area to knock. Then about 10 minutes later we got a call from one of the members who had talked with someone from that neighborhood. He didn't know exactly which house the guy lived, but he was able answer our prayer. 

Friday was a normal Friday as well. We had district meeting, and then some training in family history. Still don't know too much what I'm doing, but I can stay afloat. We got some Laynes afterwards (an awesome place with delicious chicken fingers). We came back to Navasota, and then went to Anderson, another small city in our area, to go knocking. After that we went to eat with a member down in Plantersville. We talked about the state of the obra in Navasota among other gospel topics. Saturday was a pretty fun day. We were able to go out knocking. Unfortunately, all of out appointments fell through, so we did some knocking. It's OK, because that night we had a branch activity. We did a lot of games, food, and other activities. There was a watermelon eating contest, yours truly won it. But I had a blast with the branch there. I was happy to see them before I left. 

Sunday we had church, normal church. I had to get up and give my testimony and translate. It wasn't too bad, I'm glad we didn't have a high councilor show up. They are the worst to translate, I believe I've already told you why. After church we ate, and then had to head down to Houston for a Mission President's Fireside. It was awesome.
You remember my idea about the more missionaries the more fun? Well all of the Spanish missionaries were there and you can imagine the fun I had jumping from friend to friend. I got to sit next to Elder Bonzo, which was fun. I also got to see some of the members that I have served with, so that was really fun. Today should be a solid last p-day with the district, we'll see what we do. I love you so much! You have a great day!

Elder Atkinson(Nic)

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