Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Woodlands Week 1

Whats up Mom?

I left Waller and now I am in another W area, The Woodlands! I can tell you that I am still pretty sad about leaving Waller, but I feel as if Heavenly Father is helping me get over it, because I feel like there is quite a bit that I need to do here. Its an interesting feeling, just kinda... right, if that makes any sense.

The Woodlands is kinda more like were y'all live (the Doylestown area), wooded, some trailer parks, lots of subdivisions, and some apartments. But my new companion is really awesome, his name is Elder Aholelei and he is from Hawaii, I know, pretty cool right. He has been out  for about six  months so he is my first comp that I am older than (in the mission). He seems really cool and we get along well for the week that I have been with him. I am really excited to see things open up in this area. The Address to send everything (packages or letters) to would be: 26325 Northgate Crossing Blvd., Spring, TX 77373.

This week I have been just basically getting to know the area and some of the people in it. We have also been doing a lot of contacting to help find more people to teach and whatnot. I have met some pretty cool members and some pretty cool investigators. But in all honestly we have spent the majority of our time contacting (knocking on doors), so the week was pretty boring to write about. 

For the fourth we didn't really do anything overwhelmingly fun, like I said contacting and maybe teaching a bit. I sure did miss Litiz (where we go for fireworks) and hope y'all had a fun time there. One of the guys we visited had some fire works, so we watched him shoot off a few. Our ward mission leader is Argentino, which I think that dad would like, hopefully we get to go over there and eat some of the good Argentine food and make dad a bit jealous.
I will most likely be going back to Waller for the baptism, and if I do I will probably be performing one of the baptisms, it would be super exciting!
Love you mom!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)
Last activity in Waller - he loves these people!

Transfer Time

His New Companion

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  1. Great pictures,as usual! You can tell from the pictures how much he loves Waller. I'm pretty sure the Andersons lived in The Woodlands, Texas. You should ask!