Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Woodlands Week 4


This week was just like any other week, nothing over the top special. For my birthday we had dinner at a members house, and had albondigas y arroz (meatballs and rice). It was a good meal, and then after that we went to English class and had nachos with the cub scouts.

I did get the package, it arrived Thursday,but I didn't get it until Friday. Thank y'all so much for thinking of me. Elder Aholelei said he really liked the Rice Krispy treat, and says thanks. I really like the ring you got for me, especially because it's a Haz Lo Justo (Choose the Right) and it fits well. I took my comp to Chick-Fil-A and it was delicious.

Friday we had exchanges, I stayed here and Elder Perez came down. I'd say this was my big learning experience of the week. Being able to study with him has helped out my teaching, he was able to give me little pointers about little things and some bigger things that I can do to be a better teacher.

Usually on P-Days we go with the Elders in Conroe and play sports, but once it's the end of the month and everyone is low on miles, we are just hanging out around the house today. I really enjoy P-Days, they are a nice day to relax. 

Yeah, nothing overly exciting happening down here. But we did get a new car, we are now driving a Chevy Cruz. It's pretty nice, a lot better than the old Corolla. I am pretty jealous of the Colorado though, that looks like it's a nice truck, color and everything.

Much love from down here in the south!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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