Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Waller Week 12

Hey Y'all!

OK mom, I understand the rule about the ties. I will live it and follow it, I was kinda hoping that they looked like balloons to celebrate for Elder Alexander (
He wore his Easter tie at a goodbye party where I was sent a surprise picture by a church member!!??!). 

We haven't been to the mail for a bit, but we will check it out today and see if the package is there. Yeah, the library will probably be closed next week, so you can expect something on Tuesday. As always, it is exciting to hear about the lives of everyone at home and how they are all changing, and growing. Tell Kiley she had an easy instructor (Kiley passed her driver test on the first time, unlike her two older siblings).

So, this week was an absolute blast, a great way to send Elder Alexander home. We had a good week in the early hours with service, as always Bill's was a lot of fun, we just did a lot of different little things to help out. The majority of the week was spent trying to help plan for the baptism and make sure everything was ready. It was a lot of work, but so worth it at the end of the week. On Saturday we had the baptism and it was absolutely awesome, and I was just so happy for the rest of the day. Then on Sunday when he was confirmed, again, it was so awesome to be a part of all that experience. On Sunday, we also had two of our investigators from the Spanish branch come to church which is really awesome, and I was really happy about that.

On Friday we got together and said goodbye to some of the people from the English ward, which was a lot of fun. The pizza there is really good, and huge! And then on Saturday we went to a party the Rama (Spanish ward) threw for Elder Alexander, again it was so much fun. The atmosphere from the party with the Rama was just different, and something only a close little tiny Ramita could bring. It was fun to hang out with all of my Hispanic family and speak in Spanish and watch them say their goodbyes to Elder Alexander.

Great week this week, and I love y'all and wish the best for y'all. Oh, this morning we had a tornado warning, I don't know if you were paying any attention to it, but there was a tornado cloud that passed right over our heads in Waller. It didn't touch down, which I have mixed feelings about, but it was really cool to see the cloud.
Love Y'all!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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