Thursday, June 18, 2015

Waller Week 16

Hey Mom!

Texas is doin' great, getting a little hotter! But that is kinda what I expected. I don't really know how hot it is getting here, but high 80's low 90's sounds about right. I'll work with the case for a bit and see how I like it, I'll probably just stick with it cause that is my way, do what is easiest (with things that don't matter too much). (His new Ipad case is VERY protective, he seemed to think it was overkill.  I told him the missionaries here really liked theirs so to try it out for a bit) 

Could you send me an update on what the temple looks like the next time that you go? It would make me super happy to see how it is comin' along. Will it be done by the time I get home? If so I definitely want to go and do a session in it when I get home. Speaking of the temple, I am gonna go this week (Wednesday)!!!! It will be so exciting, I will do a session and it will be absolutely great! Can't wait! 

I'm glad to hear that everyone at home is doin' good, and those abroad. I love Lathen's talk, it makes me really happy every time that I see it. (Kiley is in Japan and we recorded Lathen's first talk, at home, not in church, and sent it to him) 

Dejáme ver (Let me see), my week was really fun. We were able to get in and teach the family a lot which is really fun, and it's really cool that they are reading the Book of Mormon together and then discussing it. I love seeing how people grow and change when the Gospel comes into their lives. We set a goal that the middle of the next month they will be baptized, which I am really excited about. It is totally doable, they are so prepared! 

This week we also did some service, como siempre (like always)which was really fun, tambien como siempre (also, like always). We helped out at this one ward members house putting on a roof and some framing, which is really fun. Afterwards we got to eat a pulled pork roast, corn, potatoes, and chili, the majority of which is from his garden which was really cool. I also got to eat a really good omelet this week, I'd say it was
bigger than my hand, but it was soooo good!

I went on an exchange down to the Fairfield area where I got to ride a bike, which was cool to pretend I was how people see the majority of the missionaries (on bikes). 

Sunday was really fun, we got to go to the Temple Tours, which President Mortensen set up to help show investigators, less actives, etc about the importance of the temples. It was really cool to go there and feel the spirit of the temple. 

So this week was pretty much a blast! I am excited to get the packages! Could you maybe record each of my
siblings doing something, preferably where I could hear their voices and then send me that video so I could have it. I have really enjoyed Lathen's and I think it would be cool for my other sibs to get the same chance. I love hearing from y'all, and y'all's stories! Keep them comin' mom, even if they are boring. I love y'all so much, and miss y'all. You are great influences in my life and good examples. If you ever have advice for me, send it my way pls.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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