Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Waller Week 14

Hey Mommy-o!

1st, the weather has been really wet, but we haven't had to help anyone with over flooding, the majority of the flooding has been happening closer to downtown. Our area has been pretty wet, real soggy and muddy, but other than that it has been pretty good. 2nd, awesome for Xavier and Hannah and I hope they enjoy their missions.
So other than the weather, my week has been pretty fun. Like I've already told you, we are gonna get iPads in the near future, and we had a special training on them on Tuesday, but I think I already told y'all about that. Rumor is we will get them on Friday, I just had another training today. To start off, cause the church wants to take things slow, we will transfer information in the area book to the iPad, and we will learn how best to use it in lessons and for personal study and all that fun stuff. You can tell my Seminary teachers that it would have profited me to use my device in Seminary! Haha, jk, I am only saying that cause the reason they told us not to use them was that we would need to know where the scriptures were that we wanted to use.

Other than training,etc., this week has been pretty fun, I got to meet a lot of the English ward members. One has a farm that we are gonna go work at, like with potatoes and all sorts of vegetables. I'm really excited about that. We found a couple new investigators, there is one family that seems like they have great potential, and I believe that they are gonna progress great. Something fun was that on Saturday, we did service with a few people. We helped build a chicken coup with the Schilds, which was really fun; and then we helped out on a ranch which was really fun, this was with someone who has been helped out by missionaries for 17 or some odd years; and then we helped someone move into their house, which was really fun. We got to unpack all the pictures they had and got to hear the cool stories behind all of them and some were really interesting. At the end of moving, they had a slide in their house, so I slid down it.

Yesterday (Sunday) we spent a long time at the church, almost 12 hours, between the church meetings, the before meetings and the two baptisms we went to. So needless to say, it was a long Sunday. That was pretty much my week. And I can't believe that May has already gone by.

Love y'all so much!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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  1. Always fun to read of Elder Atkinson's upbeat updates. I can't believe how much service they render in their areas! His pictures are AWESOME!