Thursday, June 18, 2015

Waller Week 15

Hey Mom!!

Your favorite elder is doin' great, don't worry I won't tell anyone that I'm your favorite. I have been having a good time in Texas! To answer your question look at the bottom of the email. (His mission received Ipads this week). I got one of the two packages,probably the second will get here today.

My week has been pretty fun, we helped out a lot setting up a party, like getting the yard ready, so I feel your pain with the yard work, but I was doin' it in Texas heat, so HA! 

The one family that we are teaching just went to the hospital, so we have been praying for them
and everything has been going pretty good with them. We stopped by on Saturday and they said they have been reading in the Book of Mormon and discussing it which is really awesome.

On Wednesday, after doing service with Bill, we had steaks, sooooo good. It was a nice rib eye, and it was delicious. Mike, the guy we baptized a few weeks back is doing great, we saw him and he is on fire. 

On Saturday we went to a bit of the party we helped out with and we were able to talk to a lot of teens that were there a little about what we do as missionaries, that was really fun. Also, at the party we got some good ribs and sausage and brisket, so lucky that I am in Texas!

On Friday we had our zone meeting, which was pretty fun. President Mortensen came to it, so it was kinda scary at the beginning, but towards the end, I was really glad he came because I learned so much from him. During the time to practice, we practiced contacting and my comp and I had to contact him. The way he taught us to contact is really awesome and he opened up a whole new door that I haven't been to before. I love all of y'all back at home, y'all are all very important to me. Make sure to tell the kids that the kids here in Texas got out of
school last Wednesday.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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