Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Navasota Week 10

Hello my favorite mom (see I don't have to add anything in front of it)!

I'm so happy to hear about all the fun stuff happening in D-town right now. Lathen sounds like a terd right now. Dad told me about that story and I just laughed, he's such a funny kid, but I love him. I'm so happy to hear the checkup on the siblings, and I'm glad everyone is doing awesome in their own lives. Tell Lilly awesome that she's
reading,she will love it. Tell Bella congrats on the math, I miss math, tell her to enjoy it for me. Arielle is probably really pumped for the play, I know she'll do great. Could I get a picture of her fully costumized? 

I had a great week out here in Texas! It is treating me nicely, although it feels really warm for February. I'm am eating well, we had a fish fry on Friday with some members, but now that is just a spoiler alert. The banana bread was delicious, I even got to give some to president Mortensen. It was a ton of fun to make and eat. I have enough to make probably 2 more loafs, so basically, I'm set.  Monday we tried seeing a few of our potentials after pday ended, but there was only this one guy home who let us in. We talked with him a little about God's love for us, and how he is our Heavenly Father. It was a pretty good day. 

Tuesday was a Tuesday very similar to any other Tuesday. We had the morning jingo with the old people, and what not. We had a lesson with a guy who was not interested at all. He was more letting us in to be nice. It was kinda disappointing. Then we had some English class, and taught a guy named Serafin. He wants to make changes in his life, and he was doing pretty great. On Wednesday, it was a normal Wednesday as well. We had some bingo with the old folks, and then we had dinner with Pablo and Lupe. We had some pollo y frijoles. Also during the day, we tried to reach out to the city of Navasota to try to get some more service opportunities, one is called Texas Birthday Bash, a giant party with lots of people there. English class fell through, so we tried to put up more posters to advirtise for it. That night we set up an appointment with another potential for the next night. We also tried talking with some people at the local Baptist church. It was fun, because they are really nice. 

Thursday was really awesome, we had a zone conference which is always such a good experience. President Mortensen is such and inspired man, and I love hearing him speak. We talked a little bit about the Abrahamic Covenant, and how we relate to it. That zone meeting we role played the restoration. It was a really cool experience, because we role played with the ASL missionaries, and one was actually deaf, so the other translated. It was really cool to see how they teach in sign language. At the end of the role play, we said a prayer to know if the BoM was true, and I received an answer that it is true.... Again. It was an awesome experience because the spirit filled me. 

After we came home and did a little planning. That night, we went and visited the one potential, she was pretty excited for us to pass by and share the message of the restoration with her. On Friday, we had a normal day, except I was on exchanges with Elder Moon, one of the ZLs in our zone. He's a cool kid, he came out in my group, so it was fun to reminisce the first night in the field. He is full of energy and just talks with everyone. We had a fun time, and we stayed up later talking about our lives and were we would have been and what have been going on with each other. 

That night, we had an awesome fish fry when a bunch of Spanish people in the branch. So many less actives and investigators there. Saturday we exchanged back, and then we weekly planned the majority of the day planning. At the end of the day, the last three hours, we went and saw some people. One, a set of investigators, and they are awesome. A very spiritual lesson, and they are really are excited to continue to learn. Then we saw a less active family, and had a powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon. At the end of the night we had a good lesson with Serafin.  Everything was really good. Then on Sunday we had an awesome time at church. We had about 15 more people at Sacrament meting, and 9 investigators there! All the people we saw on Saturday came to church, it was awesome. After church we saw Andrew and the lesson was good, but we had to go quick, because he was tired. We also had a contacting day. It was fun. We prayed to find a Hispanic family that was interested that had 3 kids, and we found a Hispanic family with three kids, but they weren't interested. This week was a really fun week, today we've just played ball.

I love y'all so much!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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