Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Navasota Week 8

Hey mother!

I'll let him know about the email ASAP! (His Mission President needed to respond to a BYU email) Wow! Y'all had a really busy week! Looks like everyone enjoyed Gpa and Gma, and congrats to Bella for winning! I wish I could have have rooked it up with y'all, it would have been a blast.

I don't need a sweater, I have sufficient. Could I request a recipe for banana bread though? I have some bananas that I want to put to use. 

Random something funny, the way I read the email it looked like you were fixin to send me a valentine/girl something (I said I was sending him Valentine Girl Scout cookies)and I got real worried for a second, but then I saw everything else. 

This week I felt so much better! Lots of energy and everything, but nevertheless, Monday through Wednesday were a bit of struggle days. Something though, I've put a bigger emphasis on working out in the morning, and I've been sore, but a good sore. We have a weight set, so I've been doing a semi modified football like workout, or at least the lifts that I'm doing. Something sad that happened during those days though, a less active we have been working with told us that he would not be coming back to church. :( 

Thursday we had a meeting in the morning about what we need to do to become better planners, and what we should be doing to help plan more effectively in our areas. The basics of planning, not only in missionary work but also in life is having a vision, making goals to lead to that vision, and then plan according to those goals. 

After this meeting, we had weekly planning, which was just normal as always. At the end of weekly planning, we went contacting, it was pretty fun, we found one guy that has some potential. On Friday and Saturday I was on an exchange with elder Thorne. It was fun to be with him again, as always. I went up to college station with him, and that Friday, they do a first Friday thing, so we ended up talking with a bunch of college kids and ended up teaching the restoration to one of them. On Saturday, in the morning, elder Thorne and I helped this one family move a hot tub. We tried soccer contacting, but all the fields were taken. We also taught this one kid, we read the story of Ammon with him. I came back to elder Heiner in the middle late of the day, and we went out to the boonies to go and eat, and see a less active. When I say boonies, I mean about 30 minutes away from Navasota. We ate pizza, and shared a message about the tree of life with them. We returned to Navasota that night to try to see some menos activos and invite them to church. We ended up talking to this one guy named Detroit, and we shared the Book of Mormon with him, and every time he had to read the word "Mormon" he replaced it with "Baptist". 

Sunday was a normal Sunday. I got to translate sacrament meeting, which went over due to testimonies. It was a bunch of fun, also a baby was blessed, so translating was fun. A member went with us to go and teach some investigators. It was nice to get him out to see some of our investigators, and it was nice to get our investigators to know more people in the ward. This one guy named Andrew is probably our biggest potential right now. 

Well, off to party with the district! I love y'all so much!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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