Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Navasota Week 9

Hey, what's good?

This week was a really fun one for me. First of all, yes I did get my package, thanks so much, I will enjoy my cleats and the cookies, you picked great choices. :) So I got some videos from Arielle, and she looks so much older! It's not funny! For one of them I was debating if it was her or not, she looked so different. When did she get braces? I don't remember this! And from what it sounds like all of the siblings are growing, I feel like it will be so different when I see them again. 😢 

Things out here are keeping me busy, lots of stuff to do. I think out here there isn't just a place for us to go to give constant service, but there are things that pop up every now and the.  One of the members told us he's fixin to lay some concrete, so he's gonna need our help sometime in the future. something else, in Waller, there was a member that went out to search for service opportunities for us,  so that probably helped there. So, Monday after pday ended was just a normal day. We went to go see one of our investigators, named Serafin. He has read a lot in the Book of Mormon, and we have a lot of hope for him. Then Tuesday was a normal day as well, we had the jingo in the morning and then we tried planning the week a bit because we didn't get a good plan in last Thursday. It was pretty helpful to just have stuff planned out like that. 

That night we had English class, which is always fun. After English class went to see Kelly and Ascencion, some investigators of ours, with a youth named Clayton. He is such a good kid, already really prepared to head on a mission. So Wednesday was a pretty normal day as well, we did studies, and we went and did Bingo with the old people. I love doing that, the old people are so funny. After the old people, we went and saw some potentials. They are two guys named JJ and Luke. They own some of the nicest pit bulls I have met. They didn't try to kill me, so that was very nice. After them, we just contacted in that area until English class. While contacting, we met a pretty good Spanish family. After that, English class, and then we went and saw a less active family. Thursday was just a weekly planning day, I had two this week, Yay!! After weekly planning, it turned into a day of contacting. We didn't find anyone too interested that night... On Friday I went on an exchange with elder Aholelei. After district meeting and before the exchange, we went to Wings and More, a place where we ate wings. I had 13, entonces estoy gordito. 

With elder Aholelei I did a little more weekly planning with him, so I guess I ended up doing it three times this week. Aholelei and I went and visited a lot of people that they didn't know, because they took over the hermanas area. It was fun, we found a giant field and some guys were playing lax on it. That night, I also found 20 dollars, it was just laying on the middle of the floor. Aholelei and I cleaned their apartment, I murdered the kitchen there. Then on Saturday, we switched back, me to the glorious Navasota. Their we went to the birthday party of the kid of a recent convert. We had pizza de Pizza Hut. After that we went to go see a less active, and helped him build a floor for his new house. How about that for service? I had such a great time, and it was cool to learn how to do that. After that, we just saw some potentials, and tried inviting people to church.

Sunday was a fun normal Sunday. In sacrament meeting, there was another high councilor, but he was a lot easier to translate for, he talked slower and more clearly. The guy that I helped move the hot tub last week also came down and spoke for us. After church we taught Andrew, and he is doing great! He's been reading in the Book of Mormon, and we finished up the plan of salvation with him, and then set a baptismal date. After that, the rest of the day was a finding day. We met a lot more people who actually seemed interested, another Hispanic, so I'm excited about that. Today we went up to Bryan College Station, and have been hanging out with the other elders up here. We balled for a bit, then we went to play soccer. We beat a team of Latinos really bad, it was fun, thanks for the cleats!

I love y'all so much! Keep on being such a great family!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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