Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Navasota Week 11

Hey mom! Are you trying to make me trunky? All this talk of what's going on when I get home... It sounds like everyone has been enjoying themselves, and being awesome in their respective spheres. It's weird to think that Dallin is getting married, I didn't know he was seeing anyone. 

This week we spent a lot of time contacting, and trying to build up a teaching pool, because everyone is flaking out on us and not really interested. So, a lot of the time I was knocking doors. It's something that I haven't been a big fan of knocking, but I've been ok with it. All of the days were very similar to the other weeks that I have had.

Monday we just saw Serafin and tried some potentials.  Tuesday we just had Jingo in the morning, and then we went and tried to see some more potentials. That night we had English class and then invited some people after that to the next English class we would have. It's been a struggle to try and find people that are Hispanic to bring them to English class. We've put up a lot of posters, but nobody will come. Wednesday was just a big finding day as well, we weren't able to find anyone too interested. That night after English class, we went and tried to talk to other churches to offer service again. One of the churches we talked to the organist, and she said that I could play the organ if I wanted to. We also talked to a JW church, and they said that they were not interested in any service opportunities. Thursday we went out in the morning to talk with the pastors of some local churches, because they were not there the previous night.

In this little journey we stopped and got donuts, they were delicious. We just finished up planning, and then went finding, and it was an area that was pretty Hispanic, so I'm excited about that. There was a pretty cool Hispanic man we found. Friday, I went on an exchange with elder Thorne. We don't always go on this many exchanges, but they are fun. Elder Thorne is such a fun elder, I'm so sad he is leaving so soon. We saw Andrew that night, and he is doing awesome. He loves learning about the gospel, and is super excited for every time we come over.
Saturday was pretty fun, we tried doing something we've never done before. We got to go out contacting in the ranches, something that we haven't done before. It was tough because we had to drive, stop, get out, knock, get back in, then repeat. It got a little tiresome doing that over and over and over. We also saw this one less active, he's in the process of moving, and he's a little stressed about that. We shared the Mormon message "Sunday will come", that's one of my favorites, maybe you could share it during FHE, say it's a lesson from me! 

Sunday was a normal Sunday. The highlight of the day was he lesson we had with Andrew. It was super powerful, and at the end he shared his testimony briefly about what he has been learning. It was really awesome to see that, and to hear how his progression is going from his own point of view.

The rest of the day was basically spent contacting. We met some pretty good potentials.

Today we went golfing in the morning, Elder Heiner and I. I won, which was really fun because i haven't golfed in forever. The rest of the day has been just chilling with missionaries and enjoying that company I love you so much mom, thank you so much for all you do!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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