Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Navasota Week 12

Hello Mom!

I am staying in Navasota for another transfer, I have no idea who I'm getting because elder Heiner is leaving. 

That's awesome that you used the video, it was just something I found, and since I love Joseph b Wirthlin, it was something that stood out to me. 

So, this week was pretty good. We had, again, a ton of finding, just trying to rebuild our investigator pool. So Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were all a bunch of the same. To be brief, Tuesday and Wednesday we had the service with the old people, bingo and such so that's always fun. On Wednesday we had a lesson with Pablo and Lupe, some of our investigators, taught us the restoration, instead of us teaching them. Thursday was a long day of weekly planning, and ended up at the end of the day contacting. We talked with some pretty cool people. One of the people was drunk, and he started preaching to us, and said that Christ rose on he 7th day, and then his friend started laughing and said it was the 3rd. Friday was a pretty fun day. We had zone meeting in the morning, which is always fun to see the other missionaries. After that we went to a pizza place because it was one of the elders birthday. 

That night we went to do some service at the birthday bash, a giant party celebrating Texas' birth as a republic. It was awesome, because there was a ton of people, and some Texas country artists playing in the background. Saturday the birthday bash was going on again, but we didn't go until later that night. We had a bunch of lessons fall through that day, so it was kinda sad, but we lived. We ended up seeing some less actives. One is going through a hard time, and the other is in the process of building/moving to a new house. We were able to help him do a bit of flooring, which is always fun to learn how to do. 

Sunday was a pretty good day as well, we did a ton of driving though. We had church, and so many people showed up, not too many investigators, but a lot of regular people. After that was break the fast, which is always fun too eat all sorts of good food. We then taught Andrew, and it was a good lesson, he is doing awesome. We then drove down to Plantersville to see a part member family. We then went to Bedais to see another part member, and then back to Navasota to try to teach some investigators. We saw Serafin that night.Then Monday we went and chilled with our district for the last time:(

I love you so much!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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